PRESS RELEASE: James Weather & The Noise – Heavy Rain [Remixes] OUT 07/23

James Weather & The Noise is the pad-drenched, cinematic, indie-electronica project and accompanying band of Birmingham born musician, James Molloy. Spending his formative years immersed in the diverse nightlife of his hometown, from beat driven club culture (Skream,La Roux) to shoegazing indie-dance (The Smiths, Horrors), he began writing and performing after a spontaneous move to London in 2011. Initially collaborating with House producer Numan Paul on the electro-driven Different Story EP (2012 Evry1 Records), the last few years have seen him develop a truly unique song writing style and hip-hop-influenced vocal delivery; the result is something like a Beck Hansen for the digital age. With the release of Heavy Rain his sound has taken shape; a skyline of shimmering pads, electro drum machines and delayed, ambient guitars, grounded by driving percussion and lyrical sensibilities, adding realism to the pitch shifted hooks.
The Heavy Rain Remixes EP, forthcoming on Base Industry Records, collects the original single (co-produced by Numan Paul) along with collaborations across various dance genres including remixes from Discosynthetique, DJ Pasha Shock and Bizniz.

Video out soon: (coming soon)


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