Think About You (Original Mix) – Bear Moss, Bass Elves – Base Industry Records – MP3/WAV Download at Trackitdown

Now available worldwide and featured on Trackitdown!

Being called “Old New School” within it’s tight niche group of Djs and producers, Bear Moss and Bass Elves team up on this three track break beat monster E.P. release courtesy of Base Industry Records. Each song on the “You Got Jacked” E.P. stand apart with recognizable old school voice sample edits of the 80’s and 90′ layed on top of contemporary side chained bass lines and beautiful synth syncopation. “Think About You” with its huge sweeping synth melody lines and heavily sidechained bass go for a very contemporary epic sound while It’s beautiful female vocal line takes us back to the glory days of rave! “Bumper” with its very traditional break beat rhythm and oldschool break dance voice samples of the 80’s give it massive energy while its hard bass line and robotic synth stabs set it’s dancefloor mood. “Slapbox” huge groove and funky synth syncopation drive hard while the retro voice samples encourage to pump up the volume!

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