Lowfreak feat. Mc Bestbasstard – Its War – Out Now

its war

Release Biography: Our flagship artist Lowfreak shows his signature flavour and technical skills with each release. Paired up with MC Bestbastard, they are a phemonemon. Dont miss this epic release.

An attack on your racism, your ego, your lifestyle….
Lowfreak and MC Bestbasstard declare war on everything you believe in.
Prodigy style beats produced by Lowfreak with fresh lyrics and rhymes from MC Bestbasstard, make these two a combo not to declare war with. There’s no guarantee in what you believe, so make war!
Available now on:
Beatport: http://pro.beatport.com/…/its-war!-feat-mc-bestbass…/7691935
or purchase at iTunes or Juno Download. Worldwide release is on April 11th 2016.

Also included in this release is another collaboration between Lowfreak and MC Bestbasstard called “Lost Ones”. This track is free if you buy the massive “Its War!” original. “Lost Ones” is a cross between breakbeat, dubstep, and pop while maintaining its underground flavor.
If you would like to support and buy a copy of “The Lost Ones” you can do so here: http://pro.beatport.com/…/the-lost-ones-feat-mc-be…/7691937
A free copy is also available at soundcloud:



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